Project:Moments Intercepted

"Andrew Shenkman"

Occupation: unemployed vagabond of unsavory character
Location: Toronto

Why does this project interest me?
After an extremely satisfying experience participating in Labspace's Snow Days event, I probably would have signed up for anything. However, this project seems like a clever way to enhance some of the most exciting parts of Snow Days, like the collective experience and the way it fastened unobtrusively to the contours of your life.

Challenge: *Challenge 3: Reveal something hidden

under the hood: Link’s Awakening

Opened up the rom file for the original nintendo gameboy game “Zelda: Link’s Awakening” as a text file and then manipulated it to invoke some 8-bit nostalgia.

Challenge: *Challenge 2: Make something old new


here’s a song fragment that I started sometime around 2008 that I went back and brought to a slightly more “finished” state. It was called ‘failschool’ because I often would forsake completing grossly overdue work in order to make silly music on garageband.┬áMiraculously, I convocated on wednesday and am r totally now graduates. Please enjoy

Challenge: *Challenge 1: Turn something green

Green Turning