Project:Moments Intercepted

"Brian Espel"

Occupation: Motion Graphic Designer
Location: Chicago, IL

Why does this project interest me?
I enjoy collaborating and viewing artist's interpretation of an identical subject. Also, every now and again I need that kick in the butt to create something.

Challenge: *Final Challenge: Leave behind something special for someone else to discover

Challenge: *Challenge 9: Capture summertime

Capturing Summertime

Challenge: *Challenge 7: Create something with garbage

Nasty Bits from the Vacuum

Challenge: *Challenge 5: Make or take a portrait of a stranger

Challenge: *Challenge 4: Play with fire


I created these animations for S’mores App for the iPhone.  Nothing better than roasting some Marshmallows by the fire!



Challenge: *Challenge 3: Reveal something hidden


Damn you You Tube, revealing my hidden thoughts before you even get a chance to see it by not letting me pick a suitable thumbnail.  :(


Challenge: *Challenge 2: Make something old new

like this.

Photo of David by David Gaya

Challenge: *Challenge 1: Turn something green

Going Green

Challenge: *Challenge 1: Turn something green

The grass is getting greener