Project:Moments Intercepted

"Denise Ing"

Occupation: Administrative Assistant, "Sunday Painter"
Location: Toronto

Why does this project interest me?
I love personal challenges.  Being a fan of "Kenny vs Spenny" and reality television, my friends and I created a series of personal challenge events that amalgamated both influences and called them "Raymond vs Denise".  One of the competitions was reviewed on a friend's blog: I will try my best to respond to all challenges, and live in the moment, even if it is to the detriment of my job or well-being.  

Challenge: *Final Challenge: Leave behind something special for someone else to discover

Happy Birthday, Tony & Kathryn!

Remember Saturday, April 24, 2004, 2:39:26 AM?

Challenge: *Challenge 9: Capture summertime

Out of Office July 2-4

I will be out of the office starting Saturday, July 2, and return on Tuesday, July 5.

During this time, if your matter is urgent, please see the photo above. The blooms are fading in the heat, but soon, the days will be shorter, and nights will be colder. Summertime is fleeting in Toronto; a season of sweat and anxiety.

Challenge: *Challenge 8: Take a before & after shot

Before, during, after

The process is important, too.

Challenge: *Challenge 7: Create something with garbage

Last night, I was so wasted!

The morning after a drinking party, vaguely familiar mementos are collected and swept away.

Challenge: *Challenge 6: Make your next meal a work of art

This is the remix

I am currently on holiday, and all of my meals are being prepared by professionals. Granted, I am a terrible cook, so I can only do a remix, and present it as my work.

Challenge: *Challenge 5: Make or take a portrait of a stranger

Portrait of strangers

Once or twice a month, I cycle with a group of people brought together by their love of bicycles and sweets.  Over time, I have gotten to know the regular attendees, but there are always new people to meet.  In this portrait of the latest Sweet Ride, I feature the ‘strangers’ of the group, and have turned my friends and acquaintances into strangers.

Sweet Ride – organized by
Toronto Girls’ Cupcake Ride

Challenge: *Challenge 4: Play with fire

The category is ‘Play with fire’

Keep track of your answers, and see how you score!

1. Who is the credited songwriter(s) for “Play with Fire” by the Rolling Stones?
a. Mick Jagger
b. Keith Richards
c. Nanker Phelge
d. All of the above

2. Playing with Fire is a book written by:
a. Peter Robinson
b. Esther Friesner
c. Theoren Fleury
d. All of the above

3. The cover of Kevin Fedeline’s album, Playing with Fire, shows:
a. Kevin playing with a deck of cards
b. Kevin wearing a shirt and tie
c. a lit cigarette in an ashtray
d. All of the above

Burning for the answers?

‘d’ is the correct answer for all questions! Give yourself one point for each correct answer.

3 points … You’re on fire!
2 points … Fiery
1 point … Simmering
0 point … Fire extinguisher

Challenge: *Challenge 3: Reveal something hidden

Something in Hidden revealed

As I type on my keyboard at work, few would guess that I used to blow glass. I have quite a few pieces of my glass work hidden away in my basement.

For Challenge 3, I challenge you to find my business card, which I have hidden. The coordinates of its location are:
Latitude / Longitude: 43.6549, -79.380
Contact me through the email on my business card, and I will reward you with one of my glass pieces.

An additional clue below.

Challenge: *Challenge 2: Make something old new

The next morning, it was new…

Bare patch of garden

Hens & Chicks from Home Depot

Old story now new



Challenge: *Challenge 1: Turn something green

The next morning, it was green…

A bare patch of the front garden was always being taken over by weeds.  Sure, nature was turning it green, but Labspace Studio had assigned this task to me.  Home Depot was selling perennials for 20% off.  I drove there after work, bought a six pack of “Hens & Chicks”, then planted them at 10pm that night.  My neighbor was a little surprised to find me squatting in the dark, digging furiously in the soil.  “It has to get done tonight,” I grunted, without further explanation.

In the morning, the Hens & Chicks look well settled.  Challenge 1 done.  I can walk away and let nature take over.


Challenge: *Wait for first challenge

Refresh, check mail, refresh

I was just thinking this morning, “I guess I didn’t make the cut for the (re)collection project“, but I did!  I will check my email even more frantically than usual from now on.  Thank you, Labspace Studio!