Project:Moments Intercepted

"Holly McLellan"

Occupation: Educator
Location: Toronto, ON

Why does this project interest me?
I recently admitted to myself how badly distracted I am much of the time. When I am working, I want to be with my daughter. When I am putting my daughter to bed, I am thinking about all the things I need to do on the internet. When I am on the internet for too long I wish I was living in a cottage up north with no hydro. By having mental strings attached to all of my desires all the time, I am pulled in too many directions to enjoy and contribute to my present situation with my whole self. I am intrigued by this exercise in being lucid and responsive. I want to respond to the spontaneous challenges with art that has required me to use all of my mental and emotional focus. I am interested in what this will revitalize or reveal.

Challenge: *Challenge 9: Capture summertime

Summer peace

Challenge: *Challenge 8: Take a before & after shot


Challenge: *Challenge 5: Make or take a portrait of a stranger

This is going to sound out of the blue… and you can totally say no, but….

Odamay, Camper and Rob in Toronto

Rob is a practically-neighbour no-longer-stranger. I look forward to seeing him again in the hood with his cute pooches, Odamay, a soulful Greyhound rescue-dog and Camper, a sweet poodle with laissez-faire style. As a photographer Rob told me he’s rarely in front of the lens – thanks for being such a great sport while we waited on those steps.

Challenge: *Challenge 4: Play with fire

Play with fire

unspoken lines are crossed
who hasn’t played with fire
places you go and you beg to return from them unchanged

Challenge: *Challenge 2: Make something old new

“Make something old new”

Challenge: *Challenge 1: Turn something green

Change chance change