Project:Moments Intercepted

"Holly McClellan"

Occupation: Photographer/ Visual artist
Location: Oshawa

Why does this project interest me?
This sounds interesting ... I have a number of household items to shoot over the next month and it is possible some of the "random" challenges might actually match.  Sometimes an object, theme or location determines the approach. I also just picked up works from a small show in Whitby. Laundry detergent was my subject matter ...  I am very curious if the challenge will inspire a new series or if I happen to have something on file already.

Challenge: *Final Challenge: Leave behind something special for someone else to discover

Something left for me

This baby blue jay appeared at the front door last night.  He can’t seem to fly yet – thankfully the blue jay parents seem to be around.  He is still here today playing in the front.

After deciding to use the little Blue Jay for this challenge, I was reminded of the 4 kittens dumped around the house a few years ago.  Unfortunately I don’t think any of them made it.  After a few days of calling around to make arrangements and finally finding a source to foster them, they disappeared.  Last week we had a friendly siamese kitten hanging around.  I am worried about that little guy, but I don’t want him getting the baby bird.

Nothing gives me quite so much joy as when people tell me they’ve had their pets spayed or neutered. Bob Barker

Challenge: *Challenge 9: Capture summertime

More Lakeview Park

Through goggles …

Summer garbage duty

Vintage snorkel gear, metal detector and bikini.

Challenge: *Challenge 7: Create something with garbage

Salvage Salvaging Salvaged & some Garbage Dresses

These are parts of a piece of furniture in the process of being modified and restored.  I had plans to shoot the side pieces anyway – this challenge was great for getting something off my list of “to do’s”.   Here are the results from today’s photo shoot.

Works from my Garbage Dress Series

The Garbage Dress Series evolved from another body of work and is a continuation of studies examining consumerism and waste.

The first one was done in my home.  Other ones have been done in different contexts, in different cities.  Participants bring unwanted clothing to the site.  The clothes are sorted and used to create the “ Garbage Dress”.  The dresses are constructed against a custom fabricated metal frame.  Once the dress is completed, it is photographed in a way that connects the piece to the local environment.  Every “Garbage Dress” and photo shoot is handled differently.  Disposal of the clothing is part of the process.

Garbage Dress, 2007

Julie’s BluSeed Garbage Dress, 2008

Artsweek Peterborough ’09:  Kayak Claire’s Garbage Dress, 2009

Challenge: *Challenge 5: Make or take a portrait of a stranger

Fishing at Lakeview Park, Oshawa

Challenge: *Challenge 4: Play with fire


Challenge: *Challenge 3: Reveal something hidden

Reveal Something Hidden

The music box controlling the ballerina is exposed.

Challenge: *Challenge 1: Turn something green