Project:Moments Intercepted

"Stefan Nicoloff"

Occupation: Artist
Location: Toronto

Why does this project interest me?
Planned investigations in unexpected situations.  The idea of receiving a command to create a work while affording the artist freedom over material choice is very appealing.  I believe very strongly that the idea dictates the medium and I believe that LABSPACE Studio is a project that I will very much enjoy becoming a part of.

Challenge: *Challenge 8: Take a before & after shot



Challenge: *Challenge 6: Make your next meal a work of art


When finishing a Turkish Coffee one may swish the remaining liquid and coffee grounds around, flip it over, and spin the cup clockwise for three full turns.  After drying there are patterns left.  These patterns are then interpreted by another in order to tell the drinkers fortune.

The method is simple, the patterns are intricate, and the drinker has no control over the forms made nor the story that is constructed.  I find this small, personal, and communal act of coffee drinking and story telling to be a rather profound metaphor for the complexity of the European continent, its ever shifting borders, politics, and recent financial turmoil all of which are shaped by high ranking bureaucrats whose moves have changed, and continue to change, the lives of many.