Project:Moments Intercepted

"Tamara Konduros"

Occupation: Student
Location: Mississauga

Why does this project interest me?
This project intrigues me because of the simplicity of the challenges.  They will allow the artists involved to be spontaneous and experimental to create pieces of art that people will be able to relate to.  I am also very interested to see how people of different ages, occupations, gendres etc. will solve each problem.  

Challenge: *Challenge 6: Make your next meal a work of art


Challenge: *Challenge 5: Make or take a portrait of a stranger

Strangers Woke Me Up This Morning

Challenge: *Challenge 1: Turn something green

Green Eggs

This challenge reminded me of one of my favourite childhood books, “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss so I decided to make green eggs.