Project:Moments Intercepted

"Zahra Darvishian"

Occupation: Photographer, Video Artist
Location: Vancouver

Why does this project interest me?
I find this so challenging. I do love experiencing different moments & precisely a different life everyday.

Challenge: *Challenge 9: Capture summertime



Challenge: *Challenge 7: Create something with garbage

they are stronger than us

Challenge: *Challenge 6: Make your next meal a work of art

we chew our own flesh
Challenge: *Challenge 4: Play with fire

play with fire

Challenge: *Challenge 3: Reveal something hidden

reveal something hidden

everybody talks


be quite


let me touch the reality on your shoulders…


Challenge: *Challenge 2: Make something old new

Art turns old new!


Challenge: *Challenge 1: Turn something green

Green Movement


Turning green to me, means a lot. It defines a movement through which my compatriots are currently being murdered back home; in my Iran. Green is not only a color for me, it is my country, my identity, my self-portraits.