Studying for the ITIL Exam?

v3 foundationPreparing for the ITIL Exam is something that many people struggle with, because any form of self-study ca be difficult.

With the right approach, though, it is possible to pass your ITIL Exam first try.

Use the Practice Papers

There are a lot of ITIL Foundation Exam practice papers out there to try online. Working through those will get you used to the format of the exam and help you to understand the kinds of questions that you’re likely to encounter.

Make sure that you time yourself when you’re working on practice papers, so that you get used to working to a time limit.

One of the main reasons that people fail the exam is because they run out of time. Even if you know the content, it is possible to fail because you’re bad at taking tests.

With good research you’ll be able to find affordable online training courses for itil prince2 and togaf┬áthat can help with your career progression.

Truly Understand The Material

Understanding the material is vital, because many of the questions are worded in tricky ways, and if you aren’t fully conversant in the material you could spend more time ‘trying to figure out the question’ than providing the answer. Don’t just memorise facts by rote, truly take the time to understand what those facts mean.

Focus on Those Key Terms

There are some key terms that crop up again and again not just in the ITIL Foundation Exam but in the intermediate exams too. Things such as ‘service design, service level agreement, operational level agreement, service strategy, etc’.

Learning these, and learning how they link together and what they relate to will help you to think in the way that ITIL wants people to think, which makes many of the questions much more intuitive to answer.

Focus on ITIL, Not Your Company

Make a mental separation between ITIL and the strategies and policies of your organisation. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking about their current organisation or the standards that companies they are familiar with hold to. This can sometimes work out well – if your organisation uses ITIL as a model for everything that it does. It’s just as likely to backfire, though, if your company does not use ITIL for everything.

online training courses

If you’re using self-guided learning, or going on a quick two-day training course before taking your ITIL, then you need to make sure that you have ITIL’s own guidelines in your head. They have their own specific models for concepts, processes and functions and that’s what they’re asking about in their exams.

The foundation qualification is not difficult to pass if you embrace the way that the organisation does things.

The next level of the qualification delves a little deeper into specific models and will take more study, but if you have a solid understanding of the basics then adding those details does not have to be a difficult task.

The foundation exam costs just a few hundred dollars and can open up a lot of employment opportunities.

There are five tiers in total, and if you’re serious about IT service management then you should definitely consider them.


Staying ahead in your industry is imperative if you wish to fulfil your potential in terms of position, salary and benefits.

Some industries are more innovative and move quicker than others.

Information Technology, IT service management and project management are all field that change all the time.

Keeping up with the changes can help you to continue to provide up to date skills to your employer making you a valuable member of your company.

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