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"*Challenge 1: Turn something green"

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Germ Free – Anti-Bacterial Delusion


Sour Green Cream Planter

Little Green Thumb

Our little, growing girl loves to grow things, too…

A little bit of green in the concrete jungle…

yellow + blue =

Safety Blade

Green Eggs

This challenge reminded me of one of my favourite childhood books, “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss so I decided to make green eggs.

21st Century Tree

Eyesores, wastes of electricity, and often illegal, hundreds of these four-sided Pattison advertising pillars litter the streets of Toronto, imposing their advertisements onto a populace that largely tries to ignore them. Normally these pillars are illuminated all through the night. What a ridiculous use of electricity! I turned off the lights in this pillar, an act so simple yet so effective in making the pillar “greener”. I also painted over the ads with green paint, turning the pillar into something almost resembling of a tree. Wouldn’t trees be better than advertisements?







Green Movement


Turning green to me, means a lot. It defines a movement through which my compatriots are currently being murdered back home; in my Iran. Green is not only a color for me, it is my country, my identity, my self-portraits.


Even Greener

I had a quick stop to make on my way home after hearing about the first challenge and this green plastic Astro turf was calling my name. Green and recycling go hand in hand for me, so as soon as I returned home I went through my recyclables. The brightest one I found was an empty pink ice cream container – so I turned it green.

turn and spin

Klein Trees

See Blue, See Green

Pretty straight forward. My eyes are blue. I made them green.

Change chance change


Eyes staring; mouth corners turned down; nose turned in sneer; chin jutting.

greening of NY

Metaphoric Manifesting In The Details.


This is not my cup, but if it were, it would be best friends with green tea stains.

My Zebra wears a Green Coat

His coat of stripes is dope for sure,

But he often times feels insecure,

The Glamour Jungle’s a wicked place,

To show the world your naked face.

So my zebra dons a coat of green,

A lovely, grassy, blendy sheen,

And walks among the forest folk,

Safe within his nice green coat.

Turning Green!

Going Green

smoothies turn green…yummmmmmm

Making Green

barbie goes green

The grass is getting greener

Seeing Bubble

Found on my walks, busted eye glass frame. First challenge set by the (re)collection Project. “Make something green”, so I reclaimed street detritus to make art, make bubbles! Bubbles are green and don’t litter or harm the environment.


turning things green


my creepy basement greened
Turn (toward) Something Green

Le ver vire vers le verre vert…
I’ve wanted to illustrate that forever(t).

Summer treats

When I read the challenge I thought about many different ideas but it was a hot day and green popscicles were a great way to start a challenge.


Turn Something Green

Viva le vert!
The next morning, it was green…

A bare patch of the front garden was always being taken over by weeds.  Sure, nature was turning it green, but Labspace Studio had assigned this task to me.  Home Depot was selling perennials for 20% off.  I drove there after work, bought a six pack of “Hens & Chicks”, then planted them at 10pm that night.  My neighbor was a little surprised to find me squatting in the dark, digging furiously in the soil.  “It has to get done tonight,” I grunted, without further explanation.

In the morning, the Hens & Chicks look well settled.  Challenge 1 done.  I can walk away and let nature take over.



something green – allan gardens

TSG (Left, Right)

Turn Something Green

green cube

Turn Something Green


Below is a the front, detail of the Roof, and a photo of the Back.

acrylic and mixed media on wood, including maps, stickers, tisue paper, cutouts, wrapping paper, drawings and green glow in the dark paint….

…. it just felt right. I have never collaged a three dimensional item before, but I wanted this challenge to end up with something wit a purpose.


Strolling through Chinatown in Vancouver…

She melted, they said.  Don’t believe everything you hear.

you are what you eat?


if you are what you eat, and all i eat is green stuff, will it make me green?  what does that even mean?  these are the ingredients for my dinner tonight, so guessing i’ll find out tomorrow…

Challenge #1 Turn something green

First Challenge and I’m already conflicted with what to do! Green as in… Make something eco-friendly, or someone jealous (green with envy…may be a bit of s stretch), or simply the colour? I guess I’ve tried to accomplish all three.

Green as in Eco Friendly: Now that it’s heating up outside people usually drink a bit more water, and often times out of one time use water bottles. This has a huge negative impact not only on the environment but also on your health. To make the plastic water bottles it takes at least twice the final amount of water produced and the effects on pollution, including greenhouse gas emissions, are unnecessary at best. First off plastic is made from oil, then you need to think of the kind of energy that goes into the production of not only making these bottles, but the caps, and labels, and packaging so that individuals or stores aren’t just buying one bottle but a case. More carbon dioxide is generated in transporting water from a water source, and bottles from where they are made,  to a place that these bottles can be filled, and then transporting the bottled water to stores. Bottled water produces an incredible amount of solid waste as well. Maybe you recycle, but the reality is that most people don’t and there is that whole idea of leading by example… and isn’t the first step reduce and the last step recycle (reduce, reuse, recycle)? Oh and your health… tap water has way more regulations guiding its cleanliness, and it’s not sitting in thin plastic containers that leach harmful chemicals into the water (ever see the expiry date on bottle water- because it’s there).

Green as in Green with Envy!: This isn’t meant to be- I’m so lucky and I’m rubbing it in your face- but more a reflective moment. I don’t always acknowledge how good I’ve got it. I have awesome friends and a super supportive family, I have good health, I have the time and money to go to school and travel, but more basically I have all my basic needs met. I can turn on the tap any time of day and clean water runs out. Not even everyone in this country has this luxury. Yet sometimes I buy bottled water or accept it when given to me (Oh ya it’s refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle!) supporting the corporations that make my way of life not possible for everyone.

Green as in the colour: The green light has made the water appear green and anything else that has been illuminated.

So pretty much what I’m trying to say is, ditch the idea of buying bottled water- tap water is green! And yes you are allowed to be jealous of my glowing green cup- there is also a setting that makes the light flicker. Cheer to the start of a great project!

wait for it

As you lay covered in green…….

We never met; not formally, but I have visited your grave from time to time over the years.  As you lay covered in green I wonder,what was your life like? Were you happy? did you have a family? How did you ended up in this remote country? in this remote town? You lay in one of the most beautiful places I have seen overlooking the forest and the yellow meadows. In winter thick sheets of snow cover your body. I have hiked here sometimes on top of you when I can not see the landmark of your graveyard or the others. It’s been years since I started my fascination with this site. I makes me wonder so many things, it make me think about so many things. Today I laid a small flower in your grave. I am sure that after been dead for more than 100 years no many people come to bring you flowers but the earth and the land make sure you are always covered and properly dressed. It could be the green of the moss and the ivy or the crunchy sheets of snow. You are never naked, our earth ensures you remain cared for  and always dressed. Its like a child sweetlycovered by his mother. I guess as I wonder about my own death I can find confort in the generosity of our nature, she will care she will dress us all in pillowy green.


My Zebra wears a Green Coat.

Workup for “12×12″ collage piece.

turn |tərn| verb 1 move or cause to move in a circular direction wholly or partly around an axis or point

Green test pattern

Green Atmosphere

Turning The Philosopher Green

Thanks to Aaron Finbloom.

Greenware Hand

Slip cast porcelain hand with flesh hand insertion. I went on to have tea wearing the greenware* hand in my studio.

*Greenware is the term for clay in an unfired state.

Green Turning

green – green everywhere!

no longer in hiding.

now to make something substantial.

It’s not easy turning green