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"*Challenge 3: Reveal something hidden"

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living in the woods

“That one sure has a chip on his shoulder!”
Challenge #3 Reveal something hidden

I decided to part my hair of the opposite side. I was talking on the phone with my friend Sam and she gave me the suggestion. A few years ago I tried to push my bangs to the opposite side, I thought it was really hard to do and made me look sort of funny but no one noticed. I’ve had bangs since I was fifteen until last fall when I decided to grow them out. It’s funny how when you have more hair you can see more of your face… They’re back now thought, again I felt like I looked a bit funny without something I grew so familiar to. Anyway here I am revealing a part of my scalp that normally stays hidden and the fact that I think hair plays a bigger role in my self image than it probably does.



Still Waters

Spin, Spin, Spin – Hidden Wishes & Forbidden Desires

Spider, Spider – hiding in plain sight: spider among rose bush leaves weaves her thin web….

Spin, Spin, Spin: Mere Mortals, Wanting, Lusting, Craving, Searching, Reaching, Praying…

Beckoning Tantalizing  - Unforfilled Hidden Wishes  &  Forbidden Desires….


Living on Egg Shells

The nucleus

Reveal Something Hidden

Hide and Reveal…

9 out of 10 Victorian Spiritualists Predict…

Cutting into the news…The role of Victorian spiritualists in the capture of a most wanted men while the world was distracted by a wedding.

unknown to the public

this is an idea that has not yet come into it’s full manifestation.

it has not been viewed or discussed with anyone prior to this posting.

the idea is to have a photo taken of two dirt angels in a field

the crops are planted and have begun to rise, so this idea has

been postponed until the fall.


Reveal Something Hidden

The music box controlling the ballerina is exposed.


Thanks R and E.

LIGHT: Hidden Raindrops
Wheres Waldo…


hidden lusts

For many of us, the need to hide our desires is still a part of our survival tactics. tomorrow may be different, but today this remains reality.

Reveal Something hidden

Hidden treasures


Reveal the Secret Painter

Reveal the Secret Painter

What does making your work sound like?

There are so many things that happen inside a studio space that never leave with the work. The studio is a place of intimate interaction between work and artist.

Artists might be the only ones who ever know the sounds associated with making their work.

Studio Sounds

Relationship/memory box

I decided to gather up all of the (otherwise hidden) bits & pieces that I have collected over the period of my relationship, and place it all in a metal box. It ended up being pretty random stuff, but somehow it works perfectly together.

This is one of my all-time favorite hidden spaces in Toronto. Considering it’s surroundings, the beauty and serenity of this space still always takes my by surprise.

Heel, Toe


I had a lot of different ideas for illustrating what can be hidden. Simply, the bottom of the feet is something that is rarely seen. In our daily lives, we leave footprints of evidence that we were here. However, most often these “footprints” are really shoe impressions, only determining the size of ones feet and not what they truly look like. These feet are raw evidence of [hidden] human existence and identity.

Dirty little secret

Moments Intercepted.  A project on creative exploration of moments in time.

What better example of specific moments is there than a journal? Pieces of our daily lives documented in the pages.  Safely free from judgement.

This journal was given to me by a close friend as a joke, (or so he said lol) regardless it proved to be invaluable in allowing me to converse with myself honestly and with humor.  I keep it hidden, and now I reveal it to you.

I’m not sure it was hidden

Worry. Worry that I’ll succeed. Worry that I won’t. Worry I’m not good enough. Worry I won’t meet my own expectations. Worry that I will. Worry. I try to hide it. But I’m not sure it was hidden.

i am way smarter than thieves

i know she lets me down….

Something in Hidden revealed

As I type on my keyboard at work, few would guess that I used to blow glass. I have quite a few pieces of my glass work hidden away in my basement.

For Challenge 3, I challenge you to find my business card, which I have hidden. The coordinates of its location are:
Latitude / Longitude: 43.6549, -79.380
Contact me through the email on my business card, and I will reward you with one of my glass pieces.

An additional clue below.

Sleep holds secrets

Sleep revealed. One week of sleep data, measured with my Zeo – I wear an EEG headband to track brain waves and measure my sleep patterns.  Orange is awake, green light sleep, yellow is REM sleep, purple deep sleep and red is after I get up and get moving in the conscious world.

basic personality and predispositions as best as I can determine

can’t see the photo for the pixels…


I’ve been setting files up for printing all weekend.  Zoomed in on little bits of images making sure it’s all ok, staring at pixels for hours, it’s easy to forget the image as a whole // this is a series of screen grabs of parts of a single image re-assembled

revealing something hidden


Damn you You Tube, revealing my hidden thoughts before you even get a chance to see it by not letting me pick a suitable thumbnail.  :(



Behind closed lips, beneath the gums, inside the bone,  ivories rupture into a wet palpable space, ready to consume.

reveal something hidden

everybody talks


be quite


let me touch the reality on your shoulders…


still hidden

This was the first thought that came to me when I read the challenge ‘reveal something hidden’.   So many people hide this.

something is hidden and something is revealed

this morning I was woken with the sun and taken on a long walk to a field behind a field behind a field. there were four horses who watched us there as we danced with the sun’s rise.

two of them wore blindfolds and two did not.

The Future


Sunset in Kelowna

9:12pm – Kelowna

Hidden within the mountains and under these clouds is a beautiful tangerine-blueberry sunset from my balcony.

Two Men Kissing


Two men kissing is still hidden in our culture.  When made visible there is often reaction, like the Facebook censorship for the image that the drawing is made from – a very run of the mill image of two people kissing who happen to be men – yet complaints, reports, and attacks caused FB to take it down from the person’s page who posted it.  Why?  I believe it has to do with many fundamental beliefs of our culture having everything to do with war, training men to kill, satisfying the needs of the cultural system.  That is why it must be hidden, and now must be revealed.


so that’s what it was…

Hidden feminity

I have not always been very gentle and accepting of my body and its natural wonders. Lately I have trying to discover the hidden meanings  of them in a quest to accept my femininity. I do want to let all the pieces of my body to be whole . With this project I tried to create beauty ( flower) from something I dread each month ( like many women) and perhaps this could be the beginning  for me to be at peace with it.

The Hidden Sweet Spot – Revealed!!

Challenge 3, reveal something hidden. LOL. Just a little pencil sketch in my sketchbook.



Reveal: Monkey Business

under the hood: Link’s Awakening

Opened up the rom file for the original nintendo gameboy game “Zelda: Link’s Awakening” as a text file and then manipulated it to invoke some 8-bit nostalgia.

Hiding in Plain Sight: Western Esotericism


The Signs of the Beasts 

Like a fly I will hide

like a fly i will hide

in a lettuce leaf

like a fly i will hide

to eat my grief

like a fly i will hide

with the others undetected

in this world i will hide……



Memory Box

This box sits on the top of my book shelf. It is only opened in moments of nostalgia. Many of the things in it only have value to me, others are in fact valuable.