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"*Challenge 4: Play with fire"

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All that is Left are Memories

play with fire

Sabbath Fire
Fire as ceremony

night in the park

Alive for a moment

A dead lighter still has a lot of spark.

When kids play with fire

When kids play with fire the city is in chaos but they make it in to facebook.

yummy fire

Playing with matches

Playing with fire

the inner fire of being by yourself


Stumbled upon somebody who really loves to play with fire:

A hole is something rather than nothing. – M.

Play / With / Fire



Playing for Pink Slips

Play with fire and you may get burned!  Retro influence Collage “12 x 12″


Burning Desires

Play with Me.

Play With Me.


Playing with fire

Fun with matchsticks….

violent desires

Play with fire

unspoken lines are crossed
who hasn’t played with fire
places you go and you beg to return from them unchanged

play with fire

Our Planet and WE

Are we playing with fire?


I created these animations for S’mores App for the iPhone.  Nothing better than roasting some Marshmallows by the fire!



The category is ‘Play with fire’

Keep track of your answers, and see how you score!

1. Who is the credited songwriter(s) for “Play with Fire” by the Rolling Stones?
a. Mick Jagger
b. Keith Richards
c. Nanker Phelge
d. All of the above

2. Playing with Fire is a book written by:
a. Peter Robinson
b. Esther Friesner
c. Theoren Fleury
d. All of the above

3. The cover of Kevin Fedeline’s album, Playing with Fire, shows:
a. Kevin playing with a deck of cards
b. Kevin wearing a shirt and tie
c. a lit cigarette in an ashtray
d. All of the above

Burning for the answers?

‘d’ is the correct answer for all questions! Give yourself one point for each correct answer.

3 points … You’re on fire!
2 points … Fiery
1 point … Simmering
0 point … Fire extinguisher

why do we play with fire?

Quick Quiz from

“If you play with fire you get burned” because fire is

a. hot

b. attractive and mesmerizing

c. dangerous and unpredictable

and the answer is……….




Fire in the belly with nowhere to go
Playlist With Fire Songs

1.Ready To Start – Arcade Fire

 2.Signal Fire – Snow Patrol

3.Fire In Your New Shoes – Kaskade ft. Martina (Dragonette)

4.Eyes On Fire – Blue Foundation

5. Wake Up – Arcade Fire

6.Sharks and Danger – Alexisonfire

7. Dig For Fire – The Pixies

8. Set Fire To The Third Bar – Snow Patrol

9. Sidewalk When She Walks – Alexisonfire

Hope you Enjoy <3 Whoever says music isn’t art just doesn’t listen to the right music. you have art in the lyrics, in the sound, the video, the performance. It is all encompassing.


37 Steps to Play With Fire

I’d like to thank Adam J for spending his birthday at a pub with me,

changing one letter at a time.

playing with fire


June 15, 2011
Photo: Josephine Decker

the word ‘fire’

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