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"*Challenge 5: Make or take a portrait of a stranger"

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make or take a portrait of a stranger

Challenge #5 Make or take a portrait of a stranger

This is a super perfect time for this challenge because I found this camera outside on a picnic table near ‘The Grill.’ I work at Williams Coffee Pub (or should I say Williams Café Fresh) near the waterfront in Hamilton. ( I would have brought it to lost and found, but things are never found there. Anyway there seems to be a lot of nice pictures from various trips on the camera. Maybe someone will recognize them and be like “ya that’s my camera!” Anyway I found the camera in Hamilton. And here are a few portraits of strangers:

In The Presence Of The Family Of Our Sun

Fellow Travellers

Boys, of all ages, strangers,  sharing an island adventure…

My Best Friend but, Still a Stranger


a stranger portrait

I just met Liz Ikirikoso she was a stranger but it turns out we have a friend in common. She runs the new The Arthur Our Commonwealth Shop, that I love. You can check it out on College Street at Euclid.

Freeway Sleeper
Stranger Portraits

Portraits of strangers.  I searched Google Images and Flickr for “strangers” and made portraits of some of my favourite strangers from the first pages of search results.  These are some of the results.

stranger in the diner

I spotted this man in the diner me and my husband were having lunch in…. he was chatty yet unanimated in his face.

People are strange, Another sunset in the ‘hood

Please click for full photos of People are strange…

Who are you?

Who are the people they use for balsamic vinegar and other food products?

What is she like?

A study on the habits of a stranger

A. Stranger

Make or Take a Portrait of a Stranger: I combined two of the most common last names in North America and searched them on Facebook.

This is going to sound out of the blue… and you can totally say no, but….

Odamay, Camper and Rob in Toronto

Rob is a practically-neighbour no-longer-stranger. I look forward to seeing him again in the hood with his cute pooches, Odamay, a soulful Greyhound rescue-dog and Camper, a sweet poodle with laissez-faire style. As a photographer Rob told me he’s rarely in front of the lens – thanks for being such a great sport while we waited on those steps.

Strangers Woke Me Up This Morning

In the End

Fishing at Lakeview Park, Oshawa

Strangers on Fire

Portrait of a Stranger

I’m not sure if this is a portrait of me, or of those I call strangers.

Quietly observing this peaceful space, I wonder to myself….

This place is made for speaking, yet no one speaks.

What makes us strangers?

Are we too busy to communicate? Do we rush through our days almost oblivious to those around us?

Sitting mere feet apart, do we engage others in conversation, or are we content to exist in the same space and moment? Sharing closeness from afar.

We need to slow down and remember, we all have places to go. People to see.

All of whom were strangers to us at one time. How is t that they are strangers no more?


not my watermelon

Discarded after being devoured, a remnant
Unknown picnicker, Hanlan’s Point, June 2011.

EEG sleep chart of a stranger

Patterns during sleep and brain rhythm must have a connection….at the invitation of the Pulmonologist at a Sleep Clinic I took a screen shot of a stranger’s EEG sleep chart.   These are the readings from his F4-M1 and O1-M2 cortical arousal – his brain waves during sleep.  Sleep was a huge problem for this guy.

private communion

I saw Abril perform a Mayan trumpet concert and I was so intrigued about her energy and poise.  She was elegant and poetic like a willow tree. I got to capture her in a private moment of communion .



different strangers from today

Portrait of Dancer Times Square

A brief, afternoon portrait, of an unknown dancer taken in Times Square June 20th at 3 pm from a live webcam.

People watching at its best

After giving a heads up to those in Ottawa today I stopped off at a local coffee shop on my way home, hid behind my laptop and did a quick sketch of this girl sipping an iced drink across the table.

found this man trying to photobomb

The Perfect Man

What my perfect man may look like. A little combo. of hot celebrities. If you see him, tell him I’m looking for him ;)

(*must be shirtless and holding a football!)

The Subject Steve

Wordle: The Subject Steve

I don’t know Steve, but I follow him on Twitter. This Wordle-generated word cloud was done from the RSS feed of his blog. It is more accurate than if I had him sit for a painting.

“Who are you?” says my mother to my father.

A stranger portrait

She The Thinker


Objects my friends gave me over the years… I sometimes wonder why they thought of me when they saw those things; do they still think of me that way?

Portrait of strangers

Once or twice a month, I cycle with a group of people brought together by their love of bicycles and sweets.  Over time, I have gotten to know the regular attendees, but there are always new people to meet.  In this portrait of the latest Sweet Ride, I feature the ‘strangers’ of the group, and have turned my friends and acquaintances into strangers.

Sweet Ride – organized by
Toronto Girls’ Cupcake Ride


i find tv continually blurs the boundaries between strange and familiar

Portrait of a Stranger

Everyone is a stranger before they are born.


Stranger Portrait

I was taking secret pictures all day of people I saw on the streets, at the museum, and in the train station.  I like when people are absorbed in their device and I think it would make an interesting portrait series.  I also anticipate using this one for an oil portrait in a new series of mixed media pieces.

Stranger Danger :)