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"*Challenge 6: Make your next meal a work of art"

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meal prep.

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make your next meal a work of art

Perogie Perfection

Challenge #6 Make your next meal a work of art

I’ve never been very good at these types of challenges. I was thinking about making a cake (and although on occasion cake does end up being a meal, not normally a whole cake) but I thought I would give something a little bit more meal like a chance. Only problem is, if you are hungry it’s hard to be so parsnicity with your food, and it you aren’t hungry because you ate mot of your creation, you don’t want to make something else and not eat it. So here is the beginning of a village I attempted to make.

The left most pieces of cheese were meant to make a little bike, but the toothpick kept breaking off into the cheese and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to eat it after… fail

self portrait

birth cycle residue

Chocolate self portrait


So who doesn’t eat chocolate as a meal once in a while?  I do daily.  One of around eight meals.  A perennial favorite: dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt.  At this point, I’m probably comprised of about 60% chocolate solids, so it’s a fitting medium.

Bird Food

McArty Happy Meal :)

Arty Hardy ‘Happy’ Meal 4 Clogged Arteries



Meal Art

Brussels Tower

Working a 16 hour day doesn’t leave me much time to play with my food but I took the time to have some fun with the leftover veggies from our catered 7:00 pm lunch.


Crispy Creature

chianti carnivore

Hope so

Super Model Diet

Mixed media sculpture/installation piece.  I find it interesting that fashion mannequins are built in the image of size 2, 3, and 4 bodies when more than half the population does not meet this criteria.  Fashion magazines and runway shows depict the perfect silhouettes of models as the norm while at the same time inundating us with media advertising fast food and unhealthy living choices that don’t foster our ever achieving this profile.  Our busy lives and hectic schedules make fast food attractive and easy.  All of which contribute to our low self esteem and body image issues.

Plate pattern…



i <3 cookies




birthday pile.


When finishing a Turkish Coffee one may swish the remaining liquid and coffee grounds around, flip it over, and spin the cup clockwise for three full turns.  After drying there are patterns left.  These patterns are then interpreted by another in order to tell the drinkers fortune.

The method is simple, the patterns are intricate, and the drinker has no control over the forms made nor the story that is constructed.  I find this small, personal, and communal act of coffee drinking and story telling to be a rather profound metaphor for the complexity of the European continent, its ever shifting borders, politics, and recent financial turmoil all of which are shaped by high ranking bureaucrats whose moves have changed, and continue to change, the lives of many.

This is the remix

I am currently on holiday, and all of my meals are being prepared by professionals. Granted, I am a terrible cook, so I can only do a remix, and present it as my work.

Cereal Face

edible fashionista

Hot meal on the table

As my friends ate their meals, I frantically sketched my tofu burger with fries and salad.

Last Meal: John R Thompson

As part of a continuing series I began in 2006, I regularly paint the Last Meals of the executed. As part of the process, I actually prepare and consume the meal before creating the composition from photographs of the leftovers.

John R Thompson’s last meal was a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

The San Antonio 166th District Court judge, Peter Curry, who had originally signed Thompson’s death warrant told reporters that the prisoner had changed while in prison and didn’t deserve to die.

My next gallery visit when I’m in Studio City

Knock on the door to enter the gallery


My former lover has come back!

As of Monday this week, I am healed and can eat gluten again!  I had many allergies to foods, pets, and the outside in general, along with bad asthma, since the age of 2. I had been gluten-free for 4 years, which had helped control some of them.   Having had allergies for 38 years, I’ve tried every therapy known for both western and eastern medicine.  You name it, I’ve tried it.  My latest therapy, to become a functioning individual outside of my home, was a custom-created detox with a woman out of California.

After only 2 months of working with her, I am able to eat gluten again. I can’t believe it!  I don’t have to be the one at a restaurant with the special meal.  I don’t have to bring my own food when going over to a friend’s house for dinner.  I can have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner again! I can eat it all! I’m still in shock. It hasn’t sunk in completely.  I went and bought my first wheat bread in 4 years on Monday.  This whole wheat, gluten-filled loaf of bread means everything to me.   It says I’m finally healthy and my struggle with my body is finally over.

Jimmy’s Red Beans And Rice With A Side Of Sausage: An Unmediated Truth

salt water

Cookie Deck

As a collage artist I had not worked much with images of food unless it was just accidental found imagery.  So I searched our cook book shelves and found a Christmas Cookie Recipe card deck, like playing cards, that we had never used and probably won’t ever use.  The images are beautiful so I sorted them by color and found interesting shapes and connections in the photos (that I will continue to bring out with other scraps of collage material).  Once I found the combination of cards that I liked, I matched them up with a vintage LP record album cover and a drawing on cardboard, both elements I had in my studio waiting to come together.  This unexpected flurry of creativity emerged from the challenge “make your next meal a work of art” and it would not have happened in this way without it.  I have 6 in the works now.  Here is my favorite, and a photo of all six – however all of them are “in progress” and will evolve.  But I love this beginning.  Thanks (re)collection project!

when they are finished they will be uploaded to:

charmed pot

chicken dance

we chew our own flesh
Have My Food and Eat It Too

Just a piece of meat

As I was making my quesadilla for breakfast I reflected in the piece laid in front of me ready to be consumed to satisfy my appetite. As a woman, sometimes  I feel like a piece of meat; something to be consumed as desired. My “market” price will be determined by the “quality” of the meat or how it meets the “market” standards.