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"*Challenge 8: Take a before & after shot"

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Fleeting Life

You’ve come a long way baby.

Diminishing Returns.

My before and everyone else’s after

Yes, I know, it’s pretty weird, but you must admit that gum on the sidewalk is mesmerizing.   Is that really gum?  Really?   Do people still spit out their gum on the sidewalk?   Who are these people?  Why does it cluster in certain places?   Patterns.   Marks left behind.


And after.

take a before and after shot


Before and After

Challenge #8 Take a before & after shot

Pretty self explanatory… before they were pants, after they were shorts





before / after = but it was worth it…

Ms. Biodegrable

Before &  After



Time machine


Before and After – Kitchen Clean-up



The studio…before and after

The old sign at the studio was looking a little lackluster…




so I made them this new one:


Morning/Night Canada Day



A necessary chore creates a relaxing space

Before: an uninspiring, unusable, neglected space.

The task: weeding, sweeping, and rearranging patio furniture. A trip to the nursery is needed, too, but today is a holiday so new plants will have to wait.

After: a relaxing space to sketch.


Before, during, after

The process is important, too.

Before and After


batter lanscapes

BEFORE= inspiration | AFTER= finished product. a T-SHIRTdesigned for Marah’s 2011 Tour through Spain


the band’s two brothers, Serge and Dave Bielanko have reunited for this tour. They wanted a deisgn based on a comic book popular in Spain.
a link to the band site

about time!

Cleaning up the Grass ?

Beet green, before & after

I want my own laser cutter

Working with NYU’s ITP laser cutter.

Ahhhh (Long Day at the Office)

Before and after in Paris

Morning After Me

I slept in today, woke up, checked my messages and VOILA! Before and after shot. Easy! I was still in bed so I took a snapshot of me, and then showered and got all put together and took another snapshot. Here is what I look like Before and After:






… now you know what I look like.