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"*Challenge 7: Create something with garbage"

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found fowl

Modern Society

modern society – the facade of unity yet it is broken and sacrificial.

She-wolf. “To Hell with Romulus and Remus.”

The first thought and visual was of our beautiful She-wolf being discarded like garbage along with so many other amazing creatures. We adopted her two years ago and celebrate her everyday.

Challenge #7 Create something with garbage

I made this little note book out of an old cereal box and some paper I was going to recycle. I just folded the papers into four and made little signatures that I then sewed into a strip of cardboard that I then taped to what became the frame of the book. I then added a rubber band to help keep the cover closed when I’m not using it.

The Sara Lee

Sara Lee Turkey package, used skewer, UPS shipping label, Sales flyer for towels

Wonder Woman’s Vacation Home

Wonder Woman's Vacation Home. Even heroines need time off.

still life with fallen fruit

still life with fallen fruit


Spadina near Bloor

Tale of two cities

Castoffs of two urban communities collide, entwine, and become, an entity.

a bitter phoenix from sour flames

Not quite dumpster diving, but close


An abandoned pile of dirty, broken pieces of wood -full of nails- in a parking lot next to a dumpster.


This is an owl made from “trash”; a cork from a preserve jar, wood shavings from a piece of furniture, as well as acorn tops, over-sized brass grommets, and a screw-driver bit.

Sled Island Love

THE SLED ISLAND FESTIVAL (is over, so now it’s time to get back to life)

Artwork removed from an installation


Old wristband


Confetti from OF MONTREAL


A memoir


Dead Growth

Outta the trash

Last night, I was so wasted!

The morning after a drinking party, vaguely familiar mementos are collected and swept away.



Foam,Twigs and paper with too little you can say sooo much. This piece is an exploration of the emotional and psychological transformation that I have been subject to since changing my  role from a working woman to a stay home mom. Choosing the domestic realm over career to raise a family has affected my identity , my perception of gender roles and exposed my inner fears and challenges. This piece speaks about filial love, identity, the binary, exposure and gender.

Salvage Salvaging Salvaged & some Garbage Dresses

These are parts of a piece of furniture in the process of being modified and restored.  I had plans to shoot the side pieces anyway – this challenge was great for getting something off my list of “to do’s”.   Here are the results from today’s photo shoot.

Works from my Garbage Dress Series

The Garbage Dress Series evolved from another body of work and is a continuation of studies examining consumerism and waste.

The first one was done in my home.  Other ones have been done in different contexts, in different cities.  Participants bring unwanted clothing to the site.  The clothes are sorted and used to create the “ Garbage Dress”.  The dresses are constructed against a custom fabricated metal frame.  Once the dress is completed, it is photographed in a way that connects the piece to the local environment.  Every “Garbage Dress” and photo shoot is handled differently.  Disposal of the clothing is part of the process.

Garbage Dress, 2007

Julie’s BluSeed Garbage Dress, 2008

Artsweek Peterborough ’09:  Kayak Claire’s Garbage Dress, 2009

Self Portrait

Coffee grounds, acrylic medium on paper, 12 x 12


Nasty Bits from the Vacuum

Kasperlee Theater

Terrarium strawberry container coffee grounds last night’s smokes.

Challenge 7: Make something with garbage


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mmekahgsotin                         rhwagbtea

k e g a s r h t i n w a b t a g e a m a m h


Snazzy Lassie, Studio Witch


Snazzy Lassie, What a Gal! She is such good company & and so functional too: hides your witches brew under her skirt in the bat of an eye. Keeps the creative juices flowing…going…or casts spells – whatever is on tap.


Portrait of the artist in trash


Empty me.

Recycled love

they are stronger than us