June 24-26

Worrisome Tweets

Project:I Worry

“Let us not worry about the future. Let us only do the right thing today, at this moment, here and now. Let the future take care of itself.”

Sri Chinmoy

Part social experiment, part confessional, I Worry is a video project and multimedia exhibition that pieces together the intimate anxieties of over 100 collaborators in a pursuit to answer the question: What do we worry about most?

I Worry LogoWhat happens when the worries of 100 individuals are presented in a collective? When the act of worrying, a deeply personal and private behaviour, turns public?

I WORRY began in 2010 on the streets of Toronto. Random strangers were asked, on camera, to reveal the five things they worry about most. The project has since grown to include a digital forum, where anonymous participants from across North America have confessed their most banal, neurotic and intimate anxieties.

Join us for the Opening Reception of I WORRY, the inaugural exhibition of The (Re)collection Project.

// installations // interactive zone // light catering & cash bar // guest DJ at 10:30pm //

I WORRY runs from June 24-26, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday June 24, 7pm-1am
Location: Labspace Studio, 2A Pape Ave (Eastern & Pape)
Gallery Hours: 10-5pm, Sat & Sun
Cost: pwyc

I WORRY is a Spotlight Project production (Gabrielle Zilkha & Jenn Mason) in collaboration w/ Labspace Studio (Laura Mendes & John Loerchner).


Leave a Worry Behind

Posted Worries

  1. i’m worried that i’m like all of these people, filled with so many worries that i miss out on real life – that’s what matters, but then i worry if that’s even tangible..

  2. i worry about moving to Toronto and that it will be a bad decision for me, that it will be a step backward instead of forward, a step towards a commercial life, void of anything real – like the stars and moon, nature. I worry about every decision i make

  3. I worry about you, your cat, your Mom, and how I am not good enough for you, but others are, every day.

  4. I worry…..
    about the ones I love
    about feeling alone, and lonely
    too much
    about things I cannot effect any change upon
    loving and being loved

  5. The current government, losing my job, having no friends, improving my French, going to the gym on a regular basis

  6. I worry about losing more loved ones.

  7. I worry about being open about my worries, because you know me and might judge me

  8. I worry that I cannot live up to others’ expections and that I will not be able to live our dream due to poor health. These worries are unfounded, but, they’re there.

  9. I worry that one day I will wake up and realize that I have not lived my life to its fullest.

  10. I worry about losing those who are close to me, and that if I lose another good friend anytime soon, I won’t likely recover this time

  11. i worry we will never have enough money to afford a house downtown.

  12. i worry about what other people think of me when i dance.

  13. i will worry that he’ll say no when I ask him.

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  15. I worry that one day I will want to kill myself again.

  16. i worry about money. All the time.

  17. i worry that i could lose my battle with addiction.

  18. i worry about how much it costs to have a wedding!

  19. i worry about my parents health.

  20. i worry that i can’t be the person you deserve.

  21. I worry several things but mostly that there is nothing outside of what we are living, and that all we do and all we work for will mean nothing in the end. I’m worried about losing my faith.

  22. I worry that I will never have enough money to walk into a store and buy whatever I want.

  23. i worry about my friends getting hurt.

  24. i worry that my my job is actually detrimental to my health.

  25. i worry that i wont be there when my parents die

  26. i worry that my parents are disappointed that i am gay.

  27. i worry that people have really low expectations of me and that i still cant achieve them.

  28. i worry that i haven’t seen my friends in a really long time. I need to go home more often.

  29. i worry that my knees are giving out

  30. i worry that we will not have enough money for a nice house for our kids

  31. i worry that i am getting old

  32. i worry that i will get me ass beaten at krav maga tonight

  33. I worry that i will have to work late. again.

  34. I worry that I won’t be as good of a friend as my friends are.

  35. i worry that Van Persie will leave Arsenal.

  36. i worry that my grandmother is lonely.

  37. i worry that am becoming fearful in my old age.

  38. i worry that i am turning into my mother.

  39. i worry about smelling good.

  40. i worry that soon there will be no survivors of the second world war left to remind us of what took place.

  41. i worry about my friends being unhappy.

  42. i worry that my ‘life’ is causing me to lose my humanity.

  43. i worry that i am selfish.

  44. I worry that our governments aren’t making the right decisions and that the populous is not calling them out on it.
    I worry that people are too apathetic to create change and that it may be too late to fix the damages.

  45. i worry that my mother-in-law will drive a wedge between us.

  46. i worry that i am not supportive enough.

  47. i worry that in 50+ years from now we will find-out that our cell phones have caused so many health issues that could have been prevented.

  48. i worry that i will say something to my bosses that will get me fired!

  49. i worry that people don’t give my relationship the validity it deserves because it is a homosexual relationship.

  50. I worry about using right-margin justification when writing text.

  51. I worry that I will never stop being tired. :(

  52. I worry about the new world order, the illuminati, the masons, and my insoles. Are my feet stinky?

  53. I worry about my health

  54. I worry that I may burn too many bridges…

  55. I worry about everything. I worry about forgetting to bring stuff my kid needs to his daycare and then he’ll feel bad because he has to use the stuff (hat/swimsuit) the daycare provides. I worry about my partner’s problems. Has he paid the bills? Will he find a job? Did he lose his keys again? I worry about my health and my family’s health. Should I see another doctor about my kid’s asthma? Should I change my diet? Would that help with my psoriasis? I worry about not having a good time on vacation. I worry about how to explain big things to my kid. How do I tell him that the weather is not normal and that global warming could cause bigger and bigger problems? What should I tell him about religion? That most people from this neck of the woods used to be Christians but now we all just buy stuff, and that I myself havent a clue about the whole spirituality question? That doesnt seem quite sufficient…How do I convince my partner to stop eating so much bacon? I could go on………….

  56. i worry what would happen to my parents if i died before them.

  57. i worry that being so far apart from my friends has caused me to lose the connection I once had with them :(

  58. i worry that i will say something at work one day that will get me fired.

  59. i worry that my girlfriend is hesitant to move in together even after all this time.

  60. I worry that by trying to be and do everything, I will end up being nothing. I also worry about which types of plastics are okay to be in the microwave and freezer and which ones will bubble up in your stomach and give you cancer.

  61. I worry about the future instead of enjoying the moment.

  62. I’m worried that my boyfriend likes me less.

  63. i worry that being too nice make me boring to be with.

  64. I worry that my girlfriend wishes she was still with her ex instead of me.

  65. i worry that i over-think everything i do. Including this.

  66. i worry that i wont have enough money.

  67. i worry that something bad will happen to my girlfriend.

  68. i worry that i am not attractive, at all.

  69. i worry that when my parent/s die i will be filled with regret for the years i lived apart from them.

  70. I worry that i didn’t spell-check my other ‘worry’ and now its too late.

  71. i worry that my cat is bored.

  72. i worry that i project my own internal homophobia onto my parents, and then blame them for not being more supportive.

  73. i worry that i distance myself from my family to make being apart from them easier.

  74. i worry that I will be the only reason i don’t achieve me dreams.

  75. i worry that my fears and insecurities will cause everyone i love to eventually leave….and that makes me insecure and fearful.

  76. I worry that one day i will wake up and I will be 50yr, and i will wonder where my youth went.

  77. i worry that for one reason or another i may never have children.

  78. I worry that I’m not strong enough not to give in and smoke again.

  79. I worry that i will disappoint everyone, including myself.

  80. I worry that my work will make me fail my personal life.

  81. I worry that the sun will go away.

  82. I worry about the shootings that took place over the weekend. I worry that our city isn’t as safe as we thought it was and no one in a position of power is going to do anything to stop it.

  83. I worry that I am making choices to keep other people happy.

  84. I worry that I’m going to fail my parents.

  85. I worry about that fact I may be jeopardizing my family personal and financial safety by sweeping them with me in to a traveling adventure that it seems enriching and fun. I am picking a rather hot spot for our adventure for personal reasons.I worry that in my quest to serve my dreams of travels and creative quests my family may suffer culture shock,lack of comforts,financial struggle or other things like the risk of being robbed , kidnapped or segregated .

  86. I can’t stop worrying about money.

  87. “Let the future take care of itself.”
    This worries me. How can the future take care of itself? The future happens primarily because of the way I handle today. Chinmoy does say that. However it seems to me that many people in our society live by the last sentence without paying appropriate attention to the first. And this worries me: What kind of world are we leaving our children and grandchildren when those who are of a responsible age are living primarily for themselves?
    To get personal – (Worrying is very personal and intimate. Thanks John. I had not thought of it in those terms.) – My biggest worry is that ‘the anvil will fall’ at some time in the future and I won’t know what to do about it. As a matter of fact I feel anxious and fearful as I write these words. And I do not want to feel like this. I have lived long enough to know that God is there when I really need Him, so why do I continue to worry? Perhaps because I don’t really trust – God or myself? As part of the anvil falling, I worry about the world coming to an end and there would only be a very few people left. (I read the Day of the Triffids and lived in the story!) How would we survive?
    I worry about being all alone. I probably never will be completely alone, but I still worry about it sometimes. What would happen to me if there would be no one left; if all my friends and relatives would die before I do? Would I be able to handle it physically and emotionally?

  88. I worry that I’ve forgotten how to have fun.

  89. I worry about my mother not being happy.

  90. I worry that I’ll always be looking to the unknown and undiscovered as the better choice.

  91. I worry that I might spoil my friends relationship with his girlfriend.

  92. I worry that my student loan will create multiple problems down the road.

  93. I worry that I won’t find a job in Vancouver that pays more than just my basic living expenses.

  94. I worry about extreme capitalism and the subjugation of the many by the elevated few.

  95. I worry that I am not as worried as other people. Am I missing something? Should I be worried?

  96. I worry that I will have to travel once a week for the rest of my life. And that it will kill me!

  97. I will always worry about money. No matter what.

  98. I worry about getting older.

  99. I worry that I’ll balance my work / play ratio poorly. And that when I’m older I’ll wish I hadn’t spent so much time in the “office”.

  100. I worry that I am letting the darkness creep in and that I am letting the weight on my chest prevail because for some obscure reason I do not believe I deserve the light that I have been working so hard to move towards.

  101. I worry that my dad will never stop being an alcoholic and our relationship will never be set right. And that he will continue making my mom’s life miserable.

  102. Mostly I worry about money.

  103. I worry that I will be alone.

  104. I’m worried I’ll never find another person who is done worrying. But I’m not worried in the least if I ever do. Most things I don’t like, I don’t do. Don’t like worry, don’t do. Worry? You LIKE it. Somewhere inside, you like what you do, every single thing you do.

  105. I worry that the sound of construction around Toronto will never ever ever stop.

  106. I worry about the demise of my perfectly cultivated life plans.

  107. I worry that people are not understanding (or even trying to understand) the messages encrypted in chemically-induced entheogenic experiences.

  108. I worry about so many things.

  109. I worry that one day they’ll find a tumor in my head.

  110. I have other worries, I’m just not very good at articulating them.

  111. I worry about worrying.