August 19-21

Project:In Memory

“It isn’t so astonishing, the number of things that I can remember, as the number of things I can remember that aren’t so.”

-Mark Twain

In Memory, Labspace Studio

Multimedia | Performance | Installation

Opening event:
Aug 19 | 9pm – 1am
Gallery hours:
Aug 20-21 | 11 – 5pm

“In Memory: Something that happens after then, and before now” is an exhibition that examines the instability of remembering.

What is memory? A mental note. Something that changes and degrades over time. A vague recollection. Something palpable. A taste. A smell. A lie?

Over the period of six weeks, 15 pairs of artists take on the challenge of working together to create a collaborative art installation that uses “remembering” as part of the creative process, and memory (or memories) as material.  Artists are encouraged to examine the relationships between memory, documentation and truth, and to explore ways of re-imagining or reinterpreting the past.

In Memory will be held at 717 Queen Street East in an old funeral parlour.


*Curated by Annie Onyi Cheung, John Loerchner & Laura Mendes.

Adam Stenhouse & Vanessa Arnold
Annie Onyi Cheung & Risa Kusumoto
Annie Tse & Van L. Ching
Bishara Mohamed & Marino Imperio
Celine Marks & Lindsay Small
Chris Willes & Julia Male
Deborah Peterson & Huss Elassal
Denise Ing & Kathryn Ward
Gram Schmalz & Brian Sasaski
Jessica Thalmann & Noelle Wharton-Ayer
Kyra Green & Jasmyn Fyffe
Laura Mendes & John Loerchner
Maggie Flynn & Maggy Flynn
Nurielle Stern & Nancy Jo Cullen
Vasa Gatiance & Alex Shaw